Dong Energy – Ecological Clerk of Works

Enfys ecology has been working on the Burbo bank windfarm extension project since 2011.  2011 – 2013 involved the surveying of the cable route area for protected species with RPS to finalise the exact location of the cable route.  This involved surveying for great crested newts, dormice, water voles, otters, barn owls, badgers and wintering birds.  In 2014 newt fencing was erected on the site and newt trapping and translocation carried out ready for works to commence over winter.

Since 2015 Enfys ecology has been the ecological clerk of works for the project, supervising works, monitoring and maintaining the newt fence, working with the client and the principal contractor for the project.  The works are now complete with most of the route reinstated.  Enfys has been involved in the habitat creation by designing and supervising the creation of the ponds, and also tree planting within the mitigation area.