Barratt West Midlands – Bat & great crested newt surveys, European Protected Species Licences, Mitigation

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Worcestershire Wildlife Consultancy (WWC) undertook a series of bat hibernation surveys, dusk emergence and dawn entry surveys of redundant buildings at Yarnfield Park, Staffordshire for Barratt West Midlands. These surveys revealed the presence of summer, maternity roosts for common pipistrelle and brown long-eared bats in a dilapidated accommodation block as well as summer, non-maternity roosts for common and soprano pipistrelle bats in a disused office block.

Surveys undertaken by WWC for great crested newts revealed the presence of a small population in a nearby pond. Consequently, European Protected Species licences for bats and great crested newts were successfully applied for and appropriate mitigation was devised for both species in terms of timing of works and habitat enhancement measures. For the bats several dedicated free-standing bat lofts were designed within the new residential development in addition to raised ridge tiles and bat tubes to provide replacement roosting features. Future monitoring of the bat lofts and other roosting features is planned to assess how effective the mitigation has been.